DarkLink Applications

DarkLink Model S & Model E for Secure site-to-site over a 10/40/100 Gbps network

The DarkLink MACsec encryptor secures a network by encrypting all network transport data, including routing and file meta-data. DarkLink negotiates transmission keys and secures the network connections between sites. Since MACsec can also negotiate unencrypted Ethernet connections, DarkLink can also operate with existing non-MACsec data connections as needed. Typical application is medium to large corporations or state or federal government connecting to their other sites over an Internet service provider’s network. Our DarkLink Model S solution provides a secure means to interconnect sites with data rates up to 100 Gbps.

DarkLink is offered in two models, Model S & Model E. Model S supports data rates of 10/40/100 Gbps, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1: Secure site-to-site connection

DarkStor Model E has the same features as the Model S with a smaller chassis, lower cost and has data rates of 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps, as shown in Figure 2. Model E offers a cost effective means to secure the connection between main office or data center to its branch offices using an internet service provider network.

figure 1

Figure 2: Main data center to branch offices

DarkStor Applications

DarkStor Model C: Secure File-Object to a Cloud Storage provider

Cloud storage providers excel at reliably storing, retrieving data, and guaranteeing that data will always be available. However, the same cloud storage providers will not guarantee your data cannot be hacked or prevent insider data theft. Private data center storage facilities face the same risks. The other little known fact about cloud storage services:  your data is moved between other servers or sites as the system optimizes storage space and performs maintenance. Also, there are many cloud storage employees that have access to the storage network. However, once your stored data is encrypted by our Model C, it does not matter who within the cloud storage system has access to or moves your data since it is encrypted and only your company has access to the encryption keys.

Figure 3 illustrates the cloud storage configuration. DarkStor is located on the customer’s premises, along with a key manager, and transparently encrypts the files-objects en route to the cloud storage provider. DarkStor utilizes a strong double encryption method. Finally, there is no need for any encryption appliance to be located in the cloud storage network.

figure 3

Figure 3: Customer data protected in the cloud storage

DarkStor Model Y: Secure iSCSI, NFS, CIF data storage for local data storage

High-performance computing applications require that data storage and data compute be co-located for maximum performance. Traditionally, the data is processed and stored without encryption, as such, anyone with physical or remote access to the storage array can compromise all of the data.

Utilizing Figure 4 as an example, the compute racks sends/receives iSCSI, NFS or CIF file formats to and from the data storage racks for storage. The data storage rack contains the DarkStor Model T with a key manager and encrypts and decrypts the data to and from a head node (storage controller) that is connected to the JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks). The head node is typically programmed with a software defined storage application (e.g. Nexenta, Lustre) that manages the JBOD and optimizes and maintains the JBOD storage space.

figure 5

Figure 4: DARKSTOR in the rack

Combining DarkStor and DarkLink offers an unparalleled end-to-end cloud security solution

An end-to-end private or public cloud security solution is formed when Secturion’s DarkLink and DarkStor work together, see Figure 5. Whether data is transmitted to and from the Cloud, analyzed in the Cloud, or stored in the Cloud, Secturion ensures your data is encrypted, thus keeping hackers, contamination, malicious code, infection, or vulnerability out of your data.


Figure 5: End-to-end cloud security

Whether it is a private or public cloud, Secturion’s DarkStor and DarkLink family of high performance and reliable data encryption appliances provide transparent end-to-end cloud security protection at new performance and reliability levels. The Cloud is now open to demanding and security-conscious customers with in-transit and at-rest encryption protection.

Figure 4: Customer data protected in the cloud storage

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